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Succubus on Top - Richelle Mead Richelle Mead certainly knows how to end a book with a bang! Wowza! I absolutely love the way Georgina and Seth find to “work around” their intimacy limitations! However, I’m getting ahead of myself, lol.While trying to make a relationship work was an important part of Succubus On Top, it wasn’t the only thing going on. I liked seeing other side characters being the center of some of the attention in this story. Doug and his band jumped right up in front for this one. I thought the storyline itself – band looking to make it big, trusts the wrong people and makes some bad choices along the way – was an interesting one. I really loved how mythology was, yet again, brought into the storyline. Having those old tales figure into the somewhat contemporary story in these books is really fun. My only issue is that Georgina took soooooo looooong to figure it out. She’s a smart woman. She’s been around the perverbial block a time or two and should have been able to guess something was really wrong long before she did. I had two theories before she even registered that there was a problem. Her cluelessness bothered me a bit, but I guess I can chalk it up to her being distracted by her work, her old friend, and her new boyfriend. Poor Ms. Kincaid worked her succu-butt off in this book.Speaking of old friends… HELLO BASTIAN!! And when I say old, I mean hundreds of years of history as friends and partners in the seduction of mere mortals. When a gorgeous incubus shows up at your door, what do you do?? You agree to help him corrupt the self-appointed reformer of too-liberal, morally-deficient suburbanites, of course. Georgina and Bastian working together is a comedy of errors in the best possible way. There’s a scene involving stolen “herbs” and the possibility of cookies that had me laughing out loud, for real. Again, the only problem I had with this storyline was the characters’ complete obliviousness to what appeared to be a fairly obvious “snag” in their gameplan. It was fantastic when they finally figured it out, but getting there was a little frustrating to me.Now, back to my opening statements. The chemistry between Georgina and Seth is so incredible, it’s almost tangible. It’s heartbreaking what they have to go through in order to be close to each other. I don’t agree with Bastian’s “problem solving” actions, but I do completely understand the longing that spurred Georgina on. I much prefer the solution that Georgina came up with herself by the end of the book. Between her “gift” to Seth, and what was going on at the end of the book… I think they just might have a chance. That makes my heart happy.There wasn’t as much Carter/Jerome banter in this one, but when they did show up, it was brilliant. All in all, this was a really fun follow up to Succubus Blues. I like the series and the characters and I’m looking forward to the next book, Succubus Dreams. I love the way Richelle tells the story, and the personality of the characters, I just hope the next one keeps me guessing a little longer.