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Exclusively Yours - Shannon Stacey I loved this book! I've been in a paranormal/urban fantasy bubble for the last couple of years and was ready for a quick side trip back into reality. This hit the spot.The characters were well developed and felt like people you might have in your own life. They were all funny, and genuine, and not perfect. They were flawed in ways that added both depth and entertainment to the book. The history between the Keri and Joe made for a fantastic jumping off place for the story. Forced by her boss to use that history to interview the, somewhat reclusive, author for their magazine puts Keri in a tough spot. They didn't end on good terms all those years ago, and she's not sure what that means for the unexpected meeting he grants her back in their home town.Neither of them has quite gotten over the other. In a spontaneous, off the wall challenge, Joe offers Keri a chance to get the interview that may save her career. All the while hoping to rekindle some of the feelings they'd left behind. Unfortunately for Keri, the challenge includes tents, bugs, 4-wheeler muddin', and Joe's grudge holding sister, along with the rest of his family on their annual camping vacation. You can imagine the hilarity that ensues. The vacation is packed with recognizable camping faux pas, endearing family bonding, and some incredible UST (unresolved sexual tension... and don't worry, they fix that nasty "unresolved" part).One thing that pleasantly surprised me was the amount of developement dedicated to the secondary characters. They weren't just decoration in the story. They had their OWN issues and emotions that created another layer of story to love. I found myself as involved in their struggles and adventures as I was with Keri and Joe.There's a lot to this story. It was much sadder in places than I generally like, but those things were necessary to make the story full and real. And they were balanced quite nicely with moments of marshmallow hair and pool fun.You're going to fall in love with these characters, all of them. I would love to see what happens next for any of them.